Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is as old as a month is allowed to be, 31 days. And sometimes the 31st day is an outlier, starting a sixth week that the calendar has no room for. So it's forced to bunk with 24, even though it's one week later, even though it's a full day, with the full complement of hours. But some people turn the page before the day's even over! If you want to see 31, you have to look down to the miniature January, next to the miniature March: history and fantasy side by each.

Well, it's not over yet. The Grammies are still on. It's still Jackie Robinson's birthday. It's still Backwards Day, a parting salute to Janus, looking back at his almost-over month. Looking ahead to whatever lives next door. He calls it January 32, for a laugh. But he knows. The valentine displays have colored his aisles since they put the tinsel away.

A bientot, janvier.

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