Saturday, January 2, 2010

The 2d beckoned...

The 3d demurred.

We have had a weekend, a nice ledge to ponder the new year. Define it in some way. Put a good habit into motion, perhaps. Yet not neglect the opportunity to punt. I for one have solved many crossword puzzles, and made one attempt to see the bald eagle that has taken up its perch of winters past on a certain tree ("The Tree") on Lower Mystic Lake, hard by the Medford Boat Club dam. Did not see the eagle. But did dream of seeing three bald eagles last night, by way of compensation. And it did compensate. Eagle dreams are almost as rare as real eagles.

Tomorrow will be a different view of the year, a workday/schoolday perspective. The number 2010 will weigh more than it did. We will have to learn the new contraption: the wings, the wheels, the gears, and how to get the fool thing up to speed before we manage to get it off the ground, and then how to steer it so we can clear the trees and begin to have some sense of control, and can even enjoy the view. But we will. We're all better aviators than we give ourselves credit for.


When winter’s too wicked for bicycles
And eaves are all fangled with icicles,
There’s this farmer I know whose
Field’s perfect for snowshoes
And barn owls hunting for micicles.

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