Monday, October 4, 2010

Early Days

So, where are we? Personally, I like the Giants over the Braves, but can they get past the Phillies or the Reds? Time will tell. Right now, as the Brits say, it's still early days.

Early October is a kind of deep September. At first it seems like there's nothing shaking but the leaves on the trees. But listen up, Harrison, sez the old north wind. There's signifying in that susurrus. The telltale of change! (At which point a jeering blue jay significantly leaves the tree.)

Early October is one pumpkin on a doorstep, no face. It's a layer of leaves on the ground that you didn't see fall. It's the set-up of the story: the three brothers setting out on the journey, but before they meet the mysterious little man at the crossroads.

Early October is a day of so-what overcast when you expected more scenes out of Yankee Magazine. It's the cider donut in the brown paper bag, the flannel shirt with a sleeve around a coffee cup, and the corduroy pants with the cuff up on the radiator.

There's an art to waiting, and it's all in the details of early October.

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