Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lime Rickeys

At the malt shop I tend to be picky.
The egg cream and frappe I find icky.
There's one I like better:
That cold whistle-wetter,
The tangy, ice-clanging lime rickey!

Lime rickeys are self-conscious, maverick limericks. They make  good palate-cleansers, especially after too many servings of prose.

Last seen, he was sporting a fez,
A moustache, a pair of pinces-nez,
A badminton racquet,
Maroon smoking jacket,
And a silver dispenser of Pez.

I should be confronting my issues,
Not scribbling verses on tissues.
But a rhyme might appear,
So great that Ed Lear
Would rather fill my shoes than his shoes!


  1. LOL! Just what I needed at the end of this day. Thanks. Steve

  2. Hey Hal,

    So glad that whole deal is over!! And you "came out" with flying colors! I did think of you today, and wondered how it all "came down". ( I know, really bad trying to be funny at this hour, puns.

    Anyway, let's all get together this Sat? With painted faces! And a restaurant meal.

    Inquire with your social director - the Mrs.

    I hope you get this.